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Customize Your Chrome Extensions for Specific Websites with Extension Automation

Browser extensions help us do all sorts of things, and there's one for just about everything, but like anything else, they can be easy to get carried away with. If you use a lot of add-ons, your browser is probably running some of them in the background on sites that don't actually use them for anything. You can disable them, but it's a pain to change your settings all the time, which is where Extension Automation comes in.

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Extension Automation is (ironically) a Chrome extension that lets you set up specific permissions for your add-ons and enable or disable them based on certain pages or keywords. For instance, if you use an ad blocker that makes some sites hard to read or causes them not to load correctly, you can disable it only on those sites.

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To use Extension Automation in Chrome, just install it, then click on the icon in the upper right corner to start setting it up. In just a few clicks, you can organize your extensions and get rid of extra clutter in your toolbar. What's not to love?

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