How to Facebook Like a Pro Using These Little Known Facebook-Specific Keyboard Shortcuts

Facebook recently revamped its Newsfeed in order to save us some time when scrolling around the website. But an even cooler, more underground time-saver are these super legit keyboard shortcuts. Facebook actions have been around forever, but I bet you never even knew about them. I sure didn't.

So, what keyboard shortcuts are there for Facebook exactly?

This new infographic from Socialbakers shows you all of them, whether you're using Safari, Chrome, or Firefox on a Mac or Windows PC. Sorry Internet Explorer users, but some of these Facebook actions are not supported by that awesome browser. They must have assumed that anyone that still uses IE would be overwhelmed by the speed and usefulness of keyboard shortcuts ; )

I just tried a bunch of these out and they really do work. So the next time you're Facebook creeping on your ex or want to show your friends how real bosses use Facebook, make sure to use these quick and easy shortcuts.

You can download the higher-res version here if you want to print it out and slap in on your wall (your real wall, not your Facebook wall).

Original cover image by iconspro/Shutterstock

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