How To: Access blocked websites & bypass web filters

Access blocked websites & bypass web filters

No website will be inaccessible and no web filter will deny you content once you learn the skills presented in this internet hacking video.

In this tutorial you'll learn how to access blocked websites as well as to bypass web filters using URL scripting, HTTP proxies, and a web page translation trick as well as a ping IP address method.

This is a complex tutorial but the results are simply spectacular.

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What is the song :)?

yeah what is the song?

Wow, a video on how to watch blocked videos that I can't watch because all videos are blocked.

good call

All videos are blocked.

Very nice pictures.

very nice piturers.

One of wery good adwices. Thanks for great explanation.

wow! mane i dont only love the video but the music it sinks deep.... thanks buddy

tanks for piratebay because very mach frogram

It doesn't work on my computer

I lol'd at the restricted video tutorial.

Noobs just use a proxy code but if you find one use it quick because they are gone as soon as they appear

And what they did works and it may be easy but don't it's easy cause you have a great chance of getting caught if you don't have experiance then don't do anything you first must learn how to cover up your tracks and how to cover the covering of your tracks it's hard but you can hack anything without getting caught that way once you know how to do it

Yo mahdish the video isn't blocked I have lightspeedsystems web filter and it's way worse then whatever you have all you need to do is use a shortcut to unblock youtube don't stay on it long or your teacher or whoever will find out but realy why waste time on YouTube when you can unblock games and hacking devices that let you never get caught u less they see you do it in person the. Well that's your fault

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