How To: Check All of Your Social Media Notifications in Chrome at the Same Time

Check All of Your Social Media Notifications in Chrome at the Same Time

Checking notifications from all of your social media accounts is half the fun of the Internet, but can become quite tedious—hopping from site to site can take up hours of your time, especially when you're running away from something (in my case, it was always homework/studying).

There's just so many damn sites!

If you've ever wished to just magically have all of your notifications in one single depository and save a whole load of time, your wish has now been made into something real!

Chime, a new extension for Chrome, aggregates all of your notifications from places such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Gmail, and more! Once you install the extension, it automatically detects which compatible websites you're already signed in to with Chrome, allowing you to manually add others.

Pressing Continue will take you to the page where all your notifications are, which can also be reached by clicking on the Chime icon in the upper right hand corner of your browser.

To go along with all of your notifications, you can also toggle whether or not you want constant updates in the form of small windows that appear in the right hand side of your browser as well.

Once you sign in, you never have to worry about signing into each one individually because your information will be stored. You also don't have to worry about having any data stolen—there is no server-side code, so all the data stays on your computer.

You can find more information and screenshots on Chime's website, and the download is available in the Chrome Web Store.

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