How To: Excellbook Hides Your Facebook Addiction at Work in a Fake Spreadsheet

Excellbook Hides Your Facebook Addiction at Work in a Fake Spreadsheet

There's an epidemic on the Internet, and the disease—Facebook. It's an addiction comparable to a hot cup of coffee in the morning or a soothing cigarette throughout the day—in worse case scenarios, a hit from the crack pipe. If you're on Facebook, you know what I'm talking about. You're addicted to finding out what's going on with your friends and addicted to telling those friends everything you're doing. You can't stop, even when you're at work.

Unless you're in charge of your company's Facebook page, updating your status and viewing your news feed at work is a total no-no. It shows lack of focus and creates a layer of distrust between you and your employers, yet you do it anyway, constantly on the lookout for nosy coworkers or that ninja of a boss.

But now you can ease some of that anxiety with Diesel's Excellbook, an application for Mac and Windows that lets you view and interact with your Facebook account via an Excel-like spreadsheet, giving the appearance of more work than play.

Simply head over to the aptly named website, Be Stupid at Work, to download the Excellbook app for your operating system. Once downloaded, installed it and open it up, then hit "File" in the top menu bar to connect to your Facebook account. It's that easy.

You'll be able to see and interact with status updates, messages from friends, your wall, chat and the news feed. The only problem—it's in Spanish, but you can edit the text in the spreadsheet to English or whatever language you want. The actual spreadsheet file name remains the same though—"Nombre de archivo.xbk".

If your company just happens to be lame and restrict access to Facebook, then this won't work. But if you have a more liberal working environment and want to cover up your Facebook addiction, this is the app for you.

It's not going to win you employee of the month, but it's a surefire way to keep you from getting fired for satisfying your craving for social networking.

NOTE: Excellbook no longer exists, but you can try out the web app HardlyWork.In to do your Facebooking at work on the sly.

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