How To: Facebook Adds Voxer-Like Voice Chats to Their Mobile Messenger Apps (VoIP Coming Soon!)

Facebook Adds Voxer-Like Voice Chats to Their Mobile Messenger Apps (VoIP Coming Soon!)

Facebook has been revamping its Messenger apps these past few months, trying to lure in more users. Competing in an already crowded market of third-party messaging applications, Facebook Messenger just upped the ante, by introducing voice messaging.

Similar to Voxer, the new Facebook Messenger supports voice recorded messages. Voxer is still one of the more popular messaging apps, and was one of the first to value audio recording as the main form of communication, placing text messaging second.

In a side-by-side comparison, Voxer is more visually appealing and runs a little smoother than the Facebook Messenger app.

However, having the direct line to your Facebook friends, as well as having the ability to see who is online and responding to either voice or written messages is pretty cool. There is a one-minute limit on all messages, so keep that in mind, as well.

The updated Facebook Messenger app also allows non-Facebook users to send voice messages; simply enter in your phone number and add your contacts and you are good to go.

It should be noted that the app crashed on numerous occasions after I downloaded it. The update obviously still has some bugs, but when it's fixed, it will definitely compete with other popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and Voxer.

You can download the Facebook Messenger app in the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.

As of right now, you will not be able to record audio on your computer, only through the mobile Messenger apps, though you can listen to audio messages on any platform.

Also, stay tuned in the next few weeks, because Facebook plans to enable VoIP calling, which will tap in to your phone's data plan rather than voice minutes. It may even end up saving some of you some money in the long run. It's currently in beta testing in Canada, but hopefully it will make its way over to the states soon!

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