How To: Find Out When One of Your So-Called "Friends" Unfriends You on Facebook

Find Out When One of Your So-Called "Friends" Unfriends You on Facebook

You don't have to be Drake to realize that some friends are better than others. There are friends you know are only there for the party, and friends who actually listen when you whine about your life. There are friends you go out with for a beer, and friends you call when you're drunk and need a lift at 4am.

And then, there's the worst kind of friends: the ones who unfriend you on Facebook.

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Being unfriended is the ultimate sign that a person truly no longer wants you in their life. Think about it. How many people are you Facebook "friends" with just for the sake of not offending them? Most of us rarely delete people, even if we haven't spoken to them in years.

So, when you glance over and see that your friend count went from 1,000 to 999, you're undoubtedly hurt (or at least curious). If a person is your friend one day, what could make them unfriend you the next?

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In order to find out why you just lost a friend, you'll have to figure out who that friend was first.

Facebook doesn't have a proprietary tool that shows you which friends you've lost, which makes sense. That's like a bartender constantly reminding you how much money you're spending—it goes against the whole point of what they're trying to get you to do.

But if you want to see who's unfriended you, there are a couple of options from third-party developers.

Unfriend Finder

The name pretty much says it all. In order to use the Unfriend Finder, you must like their Facebook page and allow the app permissions so it can see your friends list.

Once you've been using it for a while (and lost a few friends), the web app looks like this:

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If you're an iPhone user, you can also grab the mobile app from the App Store for $0.99.

Unfriend Notify

If you use Chrome as your primary browser, you can download the Unfriend Notify extension free form the Chrome Web Store. After installing it, just log on to your Facebook account and go to the Friends section. You should see a link called Lost Friends. You can click here to view a list of the friends that kicked you to the curb.

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You can also choose to receive notifications every time someone unfriends you. A depressingly useful tool.

Want to find out who unfriended you on other sites, too? Check out Nelson Aguilar's guide to find out who doesn't like you anymore on Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Twitter.

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i don't trust these things.. avoid using them (Y)

That is a nice idea but how safe is this third party?Your identity or privacy may be compromise.

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