How To: Get Around Instagram's Twitter Ban Using an IFTTT Recipe

Get Around Instagram's Twitter Ban Using an IFTTT Recipe

Last week, Instagram stopped supporting media Cards on Twitter, meaning that in order to view a full photo shared in a tweet, you have to click through to Instagram rather than seeing it on your Twitter feed. Otherwise, the photo will appear to be cropped.

The company's CEO, Kevin Systrom, says that it's because Instagram "has a better user experience currently," but we all know that's just code for "Twitter's stealing our traffic and we don't like it!"

Luckily, there are services like If This Then That (IFTTT) to help you make the internet do things that certain companies don't want it to do. By simply activating "A recipe to bypass Instagram turning off Twitter cards" on IFTTT, you can have any photo you take on Instagram automatically upload to Twitter so that it displays the whole thing.

You'll need to create an account if you don't already have one, but once you have it set up, all you have to do is tag any Instagram photo you share with whatever hashtag you choose and it will display the full photo instead of a cropped version.

It should be interesting to see if Instagram figures out a way to disable this workaround, but it seems like the only way for them to do that would be to ban IFTTT entirely, which would be bad for business.

If you're not the Twitter type, you can also use IFTTT to automatically print Instagram photos by hashtag or alert you when someone mentions you on social media.

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