How To: Get Instagram Preview Photos Back on Twitter

Get Instagram Preview Photos Back on Twitter

In late 2012, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom made a sudden and controversial change to his social media service when he removed Twitter Card support.

This was seen as a move not only against Twitter in their supposed "feud" against competitor Facebook (who bought Instagram earlier that year), but also as a way to drive traffic to Instagram's then revamped website. Since you'd no longer be able to view Instagram photos directly on your timeline, you'd have no choice but to hit the direct link.

How Instagram Looks on Twitter Right Now

If you're not familiar Twitter Cards, they are what allow third-party sites like YouTube, Tumblr, and even WonderHowTo to attach rich photos, videos, and media to tweets.

While Systrom gave many valid reasons as to why they decided to pull support, it left most of us fairly annoyed. Without Twitter Card support, when an Instagram photo is shared to Twitter, we're just left with a boring old link sans the picture preview.

Lame. Frankly, most of us couldn't care less who the blame fell on, we just wanted the functionality back.

How to Bring Back Instagram Pics to Twitter

You can have your Instagram links on Twitter converted back to the way they were using Instarevert, which means others can view the pictures on your timeline, too!

To get started, log in with both your Instagram and Twitter accounts, then authorize Instarevert. Once you're authorized, you'll be asked if you want all of your pictures to be converted to Twitter Cards or just ones that you designate with the hashtag #t.

Now it's time to post a picture on your Instagram and share it directly to Twitter. Just make sure that you're sharing it to the same Twitter account that you authorized through Instarevert.

When you select to share to your Twitter account through Instagram, you'll now see two tweets post at the same time—your original Instagram tweet and the converted one that shows your photo.

Note: Delete the original tweet if you don't want both showing.

Remember that tweet I showed above with just a link? This is the same tweet, now with Twitter Card support.

Enjoy Instarevert and having the ability to show your Instagram images directly on timelines? Not feeling it? Let us know in the comment section below or hit us up on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

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