How To: Get Letter Grades for College Papers Before Turning Them In

Get Letter Grades for College Papers Before Turning Them In

My college days are long behind me, and while I don't necessary miss them, I am jealous of all the countless resources available to students these days. Apps like PhotoMath are something I wish I had access to in my student days, making assignments less strenuous and easier to complete.

Now, thanks to PaperRater, students never need to have their papers proofread. I would have valued this tool highly back when I was in college because I never proofread anything before I submitted it to TurnItIn for a plagiarism check.

With PaperRater, you can skip the insecurity felt with having your work looked over by a peer or the struggle to make corrections on your own. All you need to know how to copy and paste.

Step 1: Get Free Evaluations

To begin evaluating your paper, start by going to the website, then click on "Use Now Free!"

Step 2: Copy & Paste Your Work

Next, just copy and paste your paper. (You can also include a Works Cited page to check for plagiarism.) Below that portion of the screen, select your education level, the type of paper you're submitting, the language, and choose whether you want "Originality detection" on, then click "Get Report."

Step 3: Analyze Your Work

Once you get your paper analyzed, you can take a look at specific aspects by using the panel to the right of the content.

Using the panel, you can check for plagiarism, as well as spelling, grammar, word choice, style, and vocabulary—all of which are taken into account when receiving your grade.

It's important to note that this service does not grade the context or meaning of your paper, just the technicalities, nor does it look for fluff, a potentially important aspect for some unbeknownst teachers.

Another great feature is that you can edit your paper on-the-spot with PaperRater's suggestions.

Upgrade to Premium

The free service seems to do all that the average student would need, but with the Premium version, available for $7.95/month, you can remove ads, check up to fifteen pages, and support the PaperRater developers.

Honestly, Microsoft Word can help by spell-checking, but PaperRater does an immensely better job of checking vocabulary, grammar, and context. If you're currently in school, definitely give PaperRater a shot.

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