How To: Get Spotify's Desktop Beta App for Mac & Windows (Now with Touch)

Get Spotify's Desktop Beta App for Mac & Windows (Now with Touch)

Without much notice, Spotify launched Desktop Open Beta a few weeks ago, a program that allows anyone to download, test out, and provide feedback on the latest beta version of their desktop application for Mac and Windows.

Download the Beta Desktop Version of Spotify

Download the beta from one of the two links below, depending on your flavor of operating system.

Once you download and install the beta version of Spotify (henceforth known as "SpotifyBeta"), it will be installed as a separate app to the standard Spotify, so you'll have two of them on your computer.

So What's Different with SpotifyBeta?

When you open SpotifyBeta, you'll notice that the UI is slightly different from Spotify. The top bar with the search box and navigation arrows, as well as the bottom bar with the player controls are slightly larger, with bigger icons to match.

In the sidebar on the left, some features such as Top Lists and App Finder will be missing, but that's simply because of the nature of betas—some features are removed, while others are left out until they've been recoded for new versions—future updates will bring back some of these features.

Other icons have simply been moved around: messages and settings have been added to the top right bar, while the song queue and volume slider now rest next to the shuffle and replay icons along the bottom right.

The option to add new playlists is now directly above the album art of the song you're currently playing (which has been sized down considerably), making the process of creating a new playlist much easier.

(1) Original Spotify, (2) SpotifyBeta

One of my favorite changes to the UI is the disappearance of the sidebar on the right, which typically shows activity and gives you suggestions for people to follow. I never liked it, so I'm glad that it's gone.

(1) Original Spotify, (2) SpotifyBeta

Overall, this is a much more refined version of Spotify, but be aware that there might be bugs, as is usually the case with beta builds of any app.

If you notice any issues or just have some feedback for the developers, tap on Send Feedback that's located at the top-center of SpotifyBeta.

How are you liking SpotifyBeta? Do you welcome the new changes or miss something from the older version? What changes would you make or what's on your feature wishlist? Let us know in the comments below, or hit us up on Facebook and Twitter.

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