How To: Hack digital pictures to send secret messages

Hack digital pictures to send secret messages

This video tutorial will teach you a simple hack that will allow you to hide a secret message in any digital picture. Who knew a picture could actually be worth a thousand words? Real words, embedded within! For detailed, step-by-step instructions on recreating this hack yourself, take a look. Keep your messages on the Internet secret with this how-to.

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broke my picture you git!

Interesting, short and to the point.

the website he talks about nolonger works but download programmers notepad from its free as well
Good job cool

for you idiots saying this guy "broke" your picture, you're supposed to save it as a different file so it doesn't overwrite your original copy.

be awesome as Mr. Hotdog an save your life as a different file

How do you break a picture... lol

i like!!!!!!!!!!!!


Is it worth downloading on a very slow computer???

Is it worth downloading on a slow computer??

hmm..cleaver all i need to do is become a spy and get a secret mission to use this :)

does this work in windows or just mac

what was the page name for the notepad .i can`t really make it out

So basically you just added a comment in the code...

JB Burayag


1) use notepad++ only to open the image.
2) put your message at the bottom and then save.
3) send it and instruct him to open it in ordinary windows notepad.

simple. but great! tnx

can i play crysis on ur pc coz i think its fast enough

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