How To: Hack Google

Hack Google

Learn how to hack Google with this amazing video. This video will teach you how to hack Google by using advanced search operators and esoteric search terms to find "hidden" files and mp3s quickly and easily; you'll also learn how to use Google to hack unprotected Internet-controlled devices like webcams and security cameras. For more information on Google hacking, and how to get started using these hacks yourself, take a look at this instructional video!

Note that there were 4 video parts to this tutorial, but the last 3 are no longer available.

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it seems they have taken the call feature out of google maps!

can u get in trouble doing any of these google hacks

Why are you trying to hack my webpage=(


This video changed my life! I love you!

i like this video

good video

do you know how to find out passwords for... myspace?

or find out someones email????

put a video up how to hack myspace passwords. I need it because i um, lost my password.

Oh if only they had a link to recover forgotten passwords

Brilliant, I wish you lived near me . Bet you could sort my computer. Regards

kinda sorta reminds me off old AOL hacks...

good stuff...

me too but no one cares so i didt comment about it

excellent site bravo pour les explications je rajoute a mes favoris

thanks merci bcp

hijack a website tips in part 2 min 5 is nuts
anyone have a longer version of this idea 'how to hijack an ftp from a website'

loved it. amazing what you can learn.

Was really cool video but I have to say.....Linux shadows its passwords now, there is almost never passwords in the passwd file. This has been commen use for at least 8 years now. If you can find the shadow file, that would be nice, but those are normaly set to root

Hey, I Tried The Google Maps Thing But It DIdn't Have That Call Button Like Yours Did. I Did It Exactly The Same Way... Help?

how would a person hack people search

Dear Viewers,I'm sorry I have to say this but i am a critic and I have to say...that was incredibly boring...
Alex1inferno-The Critic

Oh, wow. You review videos. So amazing. Just because some fat bastard sits on his computer watching videos we should all listen to him. Yeah, that makes sense.

Get either a job or a life.

guest what? you can't always get what you want!!!!!!!!!!

..... What? That has nothing to do with what I just said. e_e

learn how to spell Xoebear

Shut up ur a big fat bastard ya cunt

what if someone figures out your IP, and then goes after you for messing with the cameras?

Instead of remember everything, i usually used one site to search for all. could handle file search also.

How is this 'hacking Google'? All you are doing is using Google to find areas on servers that the admin didn't have the sense to block from public access. It's not hacking in any way, shape nor form.

This is a really good video, but could you post one instructing me how to stay awake while watching it?

wtf? the camera thing didnt work?

kool one...done well....looking forward for more from the techie....

lol its hilarious i luv the way u say "pooche pool? ok whatever"

k what do u type "intitle; index of"??? it doesn't work for me when i type that. what exactly do i type??

for future users - got it type "intitle:index of"

Great intro into learning how to hack on the Internet!

i love the rednech roolercoaster!! I love this whole site!!

i like this video....

i liked it but it needs something 2 make it more fun.

pretty cool buddy ...nice work

The Google hacks were great, would have been better if he would mentioned what he was typing since the video was of poor quality.

u no who hacks? the nigers

kull dude!!!!u r amezing..

awesom man this rox.(p.s that photo is my brothers)

mother #$%@in ass man this rox.

shet maoTHEr Lola how caNN i GEt E coin To my sf
and HOW can i GET GUrls to BE sex??

#$%@!+* man #$%@ #$%@



google is not meant to be hacked ok?

ps that in my photo is not real man

Recently it seems Google has added a "street view" mode to google maps, and in certain cities, you can "virtually" travel roads.

what is the first hack he typed in

Its called INDEXING it is not hacking...

Your just exploiting the searches not actually defacing or anything closely related to hacking google...

how do you hack local cameras or ones that you would like 2

wat do u search at the start??

For the illiterate, hack(ing), has many meanings. In this sense two are relevant.First: "a person who breaks into computer systems in order to steal,change or destroy information as a form of cyber-terrorism ". Second: "a person for whom computing is its own reward".So just sit back and enjoy the damn video and maybe even learn a little English.In case some prick wants to try and discredit my definitions, look it up: ""

i have cain which has a VNC hash decrypter but how i get the encrypted hash

What should I type in google to find webcameras.It's just not visible when it's shown.Everybody who knows that,please write it here

What should I type in google to find webcameras.It's just not visible when it's shown.Everybody who knows that,please write it here

What is it necessary to type to find webcameras as it's shown in the first video


I cannot get the words which is typed in google at first, Is there is any one to help me to do this hacking

Wow, so stupid webmaster do not have these things secured!


thanks ^_*

yo what is the code that he typed in at first???

i loved this, even tohugh some didnt work for me... but you should give us the code in big letters becuase i dont know the right code for the web cam one

what do you type in to get the free mp3's

yo nice vid but yah the inurl viewerframe mode refresh doesn't work how do u move the cam around

i didnt hear or see wut he typed in :((
im all sad.....

cool beans

Video looks really cool. Can any1 tell me what exactely he is typing? coz i tried ( nurl:"viewerframe?mode:refresh" ) bt its not working

I want hacking software for email id's.



haha... im freakin estatic. . this is awesome. i was checkin out a feed from japan @ a waterfront restaurant r sumthin, and i was fighting over control over the camera with someone else >_< Had me freakin out a bit @ first then i thought about how funny they must sound on the phone with tech support and it made everything ok... lol freakin A, messed up how insecure our networking is though. i mean... google...?

what do i write in google?

really cool manalthough the murl:"viewerframemode refresh"
command came up with only two relevant sites the rest was all bull crap

what we must tipe?

well, good video. but the same problem what are the words you typed! huh!

inurl:ViewerFrame?Mode=Refresh there you go guys

now that is cool.... i guessed what he typed.. LOL it works


Can they trace your computer or somthing like that?

That's insane! Seems a little too easy...

now im never gonna get online cameras... lol

awesome what r tha codes?

can u figure out someone's voicemail password on cell phones?????

yeah just ask them

poo poochie pool..... aright what ever. lmao

Go to this link and scroll the camera all the way up... It's totally F'd up, this is not a joke. The camera is on some sort of a model city.

haha thats sick and REALLY RANDOM...who has a model city in thier garage/warehouse?

wtf? it didnt work :'[

This would be a great video if the guy would not talk so freekin fast, and if he would show in LARGE TYPE what he is typing on his computer screen! The text is too freekin tiny. How is anyone supposed to be able to know what he's typing?

it does work you have to look for a ip number eg 563.123.123 displayed in the info on google and if you are you useing firefox it will come up network camera some times it will not load

Hey buddy the index thing for the files doesnt work. some other guy in anonthe web page puts it with question marks... how does it really work man? how do you really do the index thing?

i need sum help i dnt know wat to type email me sum one plz!

HELL yeah... that was sum gud stuff dude... but i can't view the commands u put in.... its frustrating.... so damn frustrating koz... it wud b so much fun 2 try this out!!!!! cud u mail me sum of the crazy commands???? my mail is my respects....bro!!!!

can any one please send me the commands he is typing in to my yahoo my yahoo is

can you send the keywords to my email

i could but i dont know your password

u should make a video to how to hack a private server for world of warcraft the would be awesome

winterkb knows it verry wll...

yea i noticed the same thing the inurl one hasnt been working on meh computer?????

this is by far the some of the lamest #$%@. you do realize that most websites store their robots.txt file in their main directory, and they can be accessed by entering a simple URL,

wow look i found the robot file without using a #$%@!+ google hack.

the correct one is : inurl:viewerframe?mode=

The picture is fuzzy, so it would be helpful if you were a little clearer about what you're typing in.

hey okay say theres some douchebaggy kid at school. i saw your photo hack. would there be any way that i can say... hack his facebook/myspace, using a google hack? ior does anyone know how to do it?

idk man. who are you asking?

for the whole family as well!!

how can i hack web sites and other computers through internet

Awesome. Love the camera hack!

poor video for delivery. Very blurred image who can see what he's typing in?

i know. it felt forced. D for effort


i was just wondering if i can hack Google street view because this way i can go down any street that i want and i also want to go down trails too like street view. So let me know on how to do this so i understand it very well. So thank you!

So could you use cams and look around?

Interesting that means that could be useful and also would you be able to get on facebook on school interent!

Maybe? Man... I need to start on hacking its fun

Have you taken a look at Null Byte? That's all we do there.

And also If i could get good at it I could get anything I want and Hey message me sometime I need to ask somehting

no. what even is that?

No never heard of it Ill see it and check it out!

It's too hard to watch a video and hack google. Can someone please faciitate my hacking by doing it themselves? All I really want you to do is change the text on Google from "Google" to "Kaustav is nice"

I think I can help you with your dilemma. I too had a similar problem. I spent nine years in the harsh cold of sibera looking for a man who could help me make google say "Werewolves are People Too." Unfortunately, it proved to be too difficult, so if someone ever helps you please let me know, thanks.

Thanks for your help Djovak! I'll be sure to mention you in my dedications for the google hack. And always remember to delete your files (cash).

No problem, btw, did u see that article on hacking instagram? Apparently u tap your keyboard twice saying "insta" each time, and next u tap the lower left portion of the screen saying "gram." This method gives u access to everyone's account on MySpace. You should really check it out, it may help u in your future endeavors.

Those videos are deleted unfortunately. ..

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