How To: Lose Your Connection? This Add-On for Chrome and Firefox Helps You Recover Missing Text and Erased Forms

Lose Your Connection? This Add-On for Chrome and Firefox Helps You Recover Missing Text and Erased Forms

We've all had that awful, sinking feeling when something you've been typing away at is suddenly gone. Maybe you accidentally hit the Back button, lost your internet connection, or your computer crashed, but whatever the reason, losing your work totally sucks.

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A lot of word processing programs have a built-in auto-save feature to prevent you from losing everything, but most websites and blogs haven't gotten there yet. An extension for Chrome and Firefox called Lazarus: Form Recovery can help you avoid this situation when using online forms, email, and even comment platforms.

Lazarus securely saves your online work as you type using RSA and AES hybrid encryption, so if your connection times out, you can recover what you lost and pick up right where you left off. It adds Recover Text and Recover Form options to your context menu, so all you have to do is right-click and select the text you want to bring back.

Under Options, you can choose to password-protect your Lazarus account, decide whether or not you want the extension to save your passwords, disable it on certain sites, and even choose how long it should save your work.

The disable option is good to have for sites that you may use for personal things, like social media or banking sites. If you share your computer with anyone else, it's definitely a good idea to put a password on the extension since it would make you an easy target for snooping.

Of course, if you're that worried about security, a better option would probably be to just type your work into a separate word processing program and save as you go. That way you have total control over what gets saved, and you can delete it anytime you want.

Lazarus is available for Chrome and Firefox. Let us know in the comments if it works for you, or if you know of an alternative for other browsers.

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