How To: Privacy? What Privacy? Quora Now Publicly Shows the Posts You View: Here's How to Disable It

Privacy? What Privacy? Quora Now Publicly Shows the Posts You View: Here's How to Disable It

In an effort to help posters see the various ways that people discover their posts, Q&A site, Quora has decided to make who views each post, public, along with information on how each viewer came to see the question (ex: through an email, a followed tag, or other public stream).

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This would probably be an interesting, helpful, and universally liked feature, except for one thing...

They Opted Everyone In... Without Asking.

Quora, founded by former Facebookers, somehow missed all the memos that the vast majority of people don't like being tracked or having their browsing habits displayed without first being given the option to keep said habits private. Their decision to turn this feature on for everyone without asking first can be added to the growing list of online privacy blunders.

Fortunately, there is a simple way to opt out.

Step 1: Browse to Your Profile Settings

You'll find a link to your settings page in the roll-over menu when you point at your name in the upper-right (or just click here).

Step 2: Expand the Views Options and Click "No"

Under the Account Settings menu in the right-column, click to expand the Views section and you'll see the prompt: "Allow others to see what content I've viewed in feed". If Yes is in bold, you need to click no to opt-out:

Once No is in bold, your previews views will be hidden, and no new views will appear.

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You would think that after watching Facebook & Google struggle with the backlash over similar privacy blunders, they'd default to opt out, and give people the option to opt-in. Not cool.

ugh, i think i just might delete my quora account, then. it's less necessary to me than the other ones.

I think this cycle will always continue, however many complaints and backlash' there will be. We just have to keep staying vigilant can either deactivate or delete your Quora account. Deactivation means that your contributed content - comments/questions/votes etc stays within Quora, and other users can continue to respond to your content. You can reactivate at any time.

For actual deletion of your account, and everything you've contributed, you have to email

I don't have quora as an app, and it doesn't look like there's a part to expand the views part. Does anyone know what to do?

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