How To: Save $20 on Your Amazon Prime Subscription

Save $20 on Your Amazon Prime Subscription

Amazon Prime is a yearly subscription service that offers free two-day shipping as well as free streaming of Amazon's movie and TV show catalog. If you're a member, you probably got a not-so-fun email this morning saying that the price of the service would increase from $79/year to $99/year after April 17th.

While their reasoning is understandable, twenty bucks is twenty bucks! Here's how to renew your current membership at the original price, if it expires after April 17th, courtesy of Slickdeals forum member orick.

  1. Find out your Prime expiration date on the "Manage Prime Membership" page.
  2. Purchase a new "gift" membership for yourself.
  3. Enter your own email as the recipient and set the delivery date for the date after your current Prime membership ends, then complete the purchase.
  4. Turn off auto renewal for your current Prime membership by going to the management page (same as Step 1), selecting "End Membership", then choosing the option to end at the date you got in Step 1.
  5. Profit??

Now, when you current membership ends, you'll receive the gift of a new one. Pretty cool, and now you've got an extra $20 to spend on useless stuff!

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