How To: Speed Up Downloads and Uploads for Kim Dotcom's New MEGA When Using Firefox

Speed Up Downloads and Uploads for Kim Dotcom's New MEGA When Using Firefox

Megaupload was one of the very first file-sharing sites I ever used. But since 2005, the beloved (and pretty gangster) Kim Dotcom, has been in a legal battle with the U.S. Justice Department over copyright infringement.

Major movie studios and music labels went after Megaupload, claiming billions of dollars in lost revenue due to the availability of pirated and easily downloadable movies and music.

Here's an interview Dotcom did after he was first arrested last year. In this interview, Dotcom consistently defended Megaupload and vowed to come back with the exact same service, but stronger, better, and safer. And he did just that (and kind of turned into my idol).

MEGA is a bigger, better new version of Megaupload. MEGA is a cloud storage service that is currently giving new users up to 50 GB of free storage for signing up.

All you need to do is enter in a valid email address and wait for your confirmation.

Once you click on the confirmation link in your inbox, you will be redirected to the MEGA homepage. Enter in the password and username you created when you registered and MEGA will create a private key to better protect your files and account information from third parties and the government.

Once the key is created, you can now upload your desired files. MEGA works brilliantly with Google Chrome, a browser the company favors over all others, but will also work with Firefox.

Firefox's user-base was much too large to ignore, so knowing that Firefox would not be as efficient on its site when downloading and uploading files, MEGA created an extension to help speed things up.

The extension improves download speeds and lets you batch-download as many files as you want. You can get the extension here.

Are you using MEGA? Any Firefox users who try out the extension, be sure to let us know how it works in the comments below.

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