How To: Take Your Phone Pranks to the Next Level with the Prankowl Caller ID Spoofing Dialer

Take Your Phone Pranks to the Next Level with the Prankowl Caller ID Spoofing Dialer

In college, I enjoyed eating, sleeping and making my roommate's life a living hell. My most satisfying prank involved 500 red cups stapled together, filled with water, and strewn across his bedroom floor. He was not happy. To clean up, he had to unstaple each cup, carry it to the bathroom, and dump the water. He was furious, but I was okay with sacrificing our friendship in exchange for a fantastic story that I'll probably tell my grandkids one day.

If you're not as cruel as me, there are other less messy pranks to play on your friends, and their phone is always a good target.

Prankowl: The Online Caller ID Spoofing Dialer

Prakowl is an online application that makes pranking your friends super easy. With this app, you can send funny prerecorded messages to your friends or just call them yourself with a spoofed Caller ID. Imagine the fun you can have with that?

You can call your best friend with his girlfriend's number and pretend to be some random guy she's now dating. You can call your sister, pretend to be your dad, and ground her. You can even call your boss, pretend to be that annoying employee that keeps stealing your lunch, and get them fired. The sky is the limit.

While that already sounds like a great time, my personal favorite is the Operator Prank. With it, you can make any two people call themselves, without them even knowing it! You type in both numbers and wait for them to each pickup. They won't know who called who, so a hilarious argument will more than likely ensue.

The best part is that you can record the entire argument and save it onto your computer! That way you can listen to it whenever you want to laugh and reminisce about the times when you still had friends.


  • Don't try and record anyone from California or one of the other 11 states mentioned on their site; those states have laws where all parties need to give consent to be recorded—but that doesn't mean you still can't crank call them. Most of the other states just require one person to give consent, and that would be you.
  • Also, you're given 3 free tokens each day, but you can certainly buy more if you need to make an exorbitant amount of prank calls.

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i use this auto dialer , its very good)

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