How To: Trick Your Twitter Followers into Thinking You're Verified (By Hacking Your Header Photo)

Trick Your Twitter Followers into Thinking You're Verified (By Hacking Your Header Photo)

Have you ever wanted to be famous? Of course you have! Now you can make your Twitter profile look like it's verified, just like professional skater Lil' Wayne. With Twitter's new header, you can now upload a cover photo onto your profile to be seen online and on mobile devices.

Just click here and change your header with the images below to get "verified" in seconds! Note that this will not work on the newer Twitter profile designs, since the verified symbol is located outside of all images.

Use this one for average sized names:

This one for smaller names:

And this one for longer names:

This is what a real verified Twitter account looks like:

And here's my new one. LOOK, I'M FAMOUS!

Yes, of course, it's very cheesy, but there will be plenty of Twitter users that might want to prank their friends. Or maybe they just want to feel famous for a bit. Don't we all?

The above images are around 520 by 260 pixels, but Twitter recommends the dimensions be 1200 x 600 for decent quality, so the verified icon doesn't look too blurry. To make your own custom one, just open up your background photo wanted in Photoshop (or whatever) and resize it to 1200 x 600, then insert the Twitter verified logo at the appropriate spot and save.


According to Twitter:

"Misuse of Twitter Badges: You may not use a Verified Account badge or Promoted Products badge unless it is provided by Twitter. Accounts using these badges as part of profile photos, header photos, background images, or in a way that falsely implies affiliation with Twitter will be suspended."

So, be careful. They could possibly ban ya.

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It looks real on mine but when you go on your IPod or Phone the verified sign is in a different spot :( and online on a computer or laptop the sign is just alittle darker than a regular verified sign my rate on this is a 3 and a half.

SUPERB even the color is little bit different but it's still superb !! ahahhaa

Great idea !!!
The images were not such a good quality, so i photoshopped my own ;)

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