How To: Upload Instagram Photos Straight from Your Computer

Upload Instagram Photos Straight from Your Computer

In an attempt to remain a mobile-exclusive app, Instagram doesn't let users upload photos or videos from their computer. On the Instagram web app, you can pretty much only like and comment on items in your feed, but what about all of those photos on your computer that scream #tbt?

Whether you want to upload from your laptop to make your social media job simpler or because you have some old Throwback Thursday pictures you want to share more easily, it is possible using a third-party app, and a new one on deck is WeebGram, created by developer Denis N.

Step 1: Sign in to WeebGram

To get started, navigate to in your browser and sign in with your Instagram credentials.

Step 2: Verify Your Account

Now, either on the mobile app or the website, verify your account on Instagram in order to give WeebGram access to post on your account. If you're worried about entering in your Instagram username and password directly, the developer is exploring other possibilities, so stay tuned.

Step 3: Post an Image

After signing in, choose an image to upload. As stated on the website, users are limited to only two images a day, but if you need to post more than that, donate $1.99 to the developer to unlock unlimited posting. Note that WeebGram does not let you upload videos, but hopefully that will be available in a future update.

Step 4: Edit Your Image

The editor feature, which is powered by Adobe Aviary, is definitely something to take advantage of.

You'll have the basic tools that Instagram includes, but Aviary offers you additional features like stickers and text.

Step 5: Save & Post

Once you've edited your image and added a caption, which is also a new feature, simply click "Upload to Instagram."

WeebGram is simple to use and it lets you do what Instagram won't. Try it out and let us know what you think.

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Hi! I'm the dev of WeebGram", I'm sorry for asking this, but the WeebGram version of the post is old :( I might be redone, new one is much better!! Also I got a domain so the site is now:

Thanks for this!!!

Thanks for the new information!

Hi, Neil! I want to share with you one more scheduler instagram posts from PC.

I use for my work about 6 month and all is well. Simple and convenient interface with good price. Interesting to know your opinion about this one. Check)

I've updated the screenshots. I hope you like it!

Perfect! Thank you so much, hope you like it!

Neil, doesn't this violate Instagrams TOS, using an emulator could boot you from the community, right?

hey, this site link of weebgram which you have given above is not working. please update it with new link

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