How To: Use Your Friends' Profile Pictures as Emoticons in Facebook Chat

Use Your Friends' Profile Pictures as Emoticons in Facebook Chat

By now, everyone on Facebook is pretty well-versed with emoticons. Some of them are as simple as :) while others like :putnam: are a bit more odd.

And now you can have even stranger faces by turning your friend's profile pictures into an emoticon! It's not new, but even the best chatters out there don't know this one.

How to Turn Profile Pictures into Emoticons

This works only in the Facebook chat window. For some reason, it does not work in the recently emoticon-capable comments section on Facebook. Why? Who knows. Anyways... to make someone's profile pic your emoticon in Facebook chat, just:

  1. Go to the Facebook profile of the person whose picture you want to use.
  2. Find the profile ID in your browser's URL box. The profile ID will be at the end of the URL, like so:
  3. Copy just the profile ID, in this case, profileid.
  4. Go to the chat window and type in [[profileid]] and it should appear like some of the examples in the picture below.

Again, this only works in Facebook Chat and not in the status bar.

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Images by Pianetatech, IBNLive

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