How To: Watch Free Movies on YouTube

Watch Free Movies on YouTube

If Netflix's $9.99/month has deterred you from signing up for its streaming service, you're probably looking for cheaper alternatives to stream movies and TV shows, like Crackle (free with ads) or Hulu ($7.99/month with some ads). And now there's a new option for you when it comes to movies—Paramount Vault.

Paramount Pictures, the studio that brought you classics like Hamlet and Masters of the Universe, is currently offering over 100 of their films free of charge on the Paramount Vault YouTube channel. As you might have guessed, there aren't many new films available for free, but with a little curiosity, you can stumble across some lesser-known gems, like The Loved Ones, an Australian indie-horror flick that I really enjoyed.

Hopefully, more movies are added as time goes on, but some good films I recommend checking out include The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (embedded below), Bound, Masters of the Universe, Margot at the Wedding, and The Sender.

Which gems have you uncovered in their vault?

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