News: Ad-Free Videos, Offline Playback, & More: YouTube Red Goes Live on October 28th

Ad-Free Videos, Offline Playback, & More: YouTube Red Goes Live on October 28th

YouTube, the popular video streaming website owned by Google, announced on October 21st that it will be launching a new subscription service titled "YouTube Red" for $9.99 a month. Under the membership, subscribers will be able to watch videos without ads. Yup, all videos—from music to trailers to gaming and everything in-between—completely ad-free. Additionally, individuals can save videos to watch offline on their mobile devices as well as play videos in the background.

The official launch date for YouTube Red is October 28, 2015. YouTube is calling the program "a new membership designed to provide you with the ultimate YouTube experience."

Members will be able to reap the benefits of the program on any device where they are signed onto YouTube, including their phones, tablets, computers, Chromecasts (and other streaming products), smart TVs, and more. Starting next year, YouTube also intends to launch shows that will only be accessible by members.

YouTube users who create videos for the platform will eventually be able to produce exclusive, member-only content as well, according to The Street.

Lastly, and probably the sweetest possible cherry that could top this deal: a subscription to YouTube Red will come with a subscription to Google Play Music (All Access)! So along with ad-free videos, offline downloading, and background playback, you'll have access to Google's music streaming service. With over 30 million track available, we might finally see a huge Spotify-to-Google transfer.

And if you're already a Google Play Music All Access member, you'll be rolled into YouTube Red automatically. You've probably been reaping the benefits of the soon-to-be defunct YouTube Music Key service, so YouTube Red will be much the same. Aside of course from the fact that now you'll have an ad-free experience not just on music videos, but all videos. Pretty sweet!

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