Deal Alert: Google's Giving 75% Off Any Movie Rental

Google's Giving 75% Off Any Movie Rental

If you've been looking to catch up on some of the Academy Award winners or nominees, or just feel like kicking back and watching a flick but can't find anything good on Netflix or Amazon Prime, then head over to the Google Play Store.

Google is offering a single rental for 75% off the listed price, and the bargain is valid for the Play Store's entire collection of rentals. That means you won't be able to use the deal on newer buy-only releases like The Revenant and the Point Break remake. Also, I feel like you'd be better served applying the discount to a movie that doesn't suck, but that's just my opinion.

You'll might be able to wait until Google adds those releases as rentals though, as the promotion is running through April 28, 2016. The offer is only valid in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Germany, France, and Great Britain.

To get the deal, click "Redeem here" from the promo on the Movies & TV section, which will take you to a list of the current popular rentals.

You'll get the most bang for your buck if you use the discount for a newer release, which normally cost $5.99 for HD (or $4.99 for SD), so you can get the rental for just $1.50 (or $1.25).

You can also pay for your movie rental with credits earned from completing Google Opinion surveys, which could further reduce the price—or make it free altogether—depending on how many credits you've accrued.

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