News: The English Language Takes Another Hit with This New Social Network

The English Language Takes Another Hit with This New Social Network

If you ever wanted to communicate with friends without having to deal with those pesky essentials like words and phrases, have no fear, is here!

Emojli is exactly what you think it is—a social media network using only emojis. Instead of asking your girlfriend if she is on her way to your house, you can just send her an emoji of a house, a car, and a big red question mark...because asking her would just be too hard.

Now, the idea behind this is cute, but you can already do this using any plethora of messaging apps—Facebook's Messenger app even has stickers!—so really, this is just a fun attempt at going viral. But then again, you never know. Kids these days... With words like blingy, thang, and grrl already appearing in dictionaries, our language has seen better days.

The only thing I can see coming out of this are fun new ways to stitch certain emojis together. Here are a few of my favorites, including a pretty stellar emoji version of The Shining:

Shoshanna is going to love this.

If you have an iPhone (Android version is coming), go ahead and reserve your username now. We know you want to.

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