Facebook Photo Privacy: Are You Safe?

Are You Safe?

Almost everyone uploads their very personal photos in facebook trusting facebook's privacy settings. But question is - is facebook's privacy settings really that trustworthy?

Few months ago, while browsing facebook, I found that one can easily access your private photos using the same browser you used to browse facebook.

Since I didn't have got any personal computer, I often went to cybercafes to browse the internet. One day, while browsing the internet, I curiously viewed the browsing history (as someone might have been forgotten to clear his browsing history) and I was able to saw his personal photos by clicking on the links.


Let's use a photo of myself for this purpose. Below is a photo of myself as you can see the privacy of the photo is set to 'only me':

The link for this page is here. If you follow the link you will find an error. But the download link (or view full size link in mobile versions) will still work! Try it yourself by downloading or seeing the photo in the above.

So, facebook's privacy for photos is a not as good as we might thought. Though it may be impossible to view every photos in this way, but isn't it the responsibility of facebook to ensure it's users privacy?.

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