News: Facebook Wants to Sell Your Browsing History to Advertisers

Facebook Wants to Sell Your Browsing History to Advertisers

Facebook wants to take your browsing history and sell it to advertisers.

Don't worry, a lot of companies do just this, including our best friends and possible future overlords over at Google. Ever notice how local businesses and search search items are on your pre-roll ads before watching a YouTube video? Yeah, that's right, Google knows where you live and what you want—now Facebook wants in on the fun.

And really, it's not as bad as it sounds. The whole idea is to put more relatable advertisements on your Facebook page. You will be able to find things you actually need straight from your News Feed, and Facebook will be able to make more money with the more clicks to come.

If it still makes you uncomfortable, fear not! You will be able to opt out if you so choose, using the industry-standard Digital Advertising Alliance opt out service. That way, you can't alarm anyone over at the Facebook headquarters how many times you've actually listen to Rebecca Black's "Friday" on any given day. (Don't worry, we all do that...right?!)

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