News: Get Amazon Prime for Only $72 or Just Binge-Watch “Transparent”—This Saturday Only

Get Amazon Prime for Only $72 or Just Binge-Watch “Transparent”—This Saturday Only

An Amazon Prime subscription offers free two-day shipping and discounted rates on many Amazon products, while at the same time granting users access to Amazon's Instant Video library. While this service normally runs $100 per year, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced today that the company will be offering a $28 discount on this price for one day only.

Discounted Prime Membership on Saturday, January 24th

If you've done the math, that means Amazon Prime will only cost $72 while this deal is on. That number is no coincidence, because Bezos and Co. are celebrating the fact that their new original series, Transparent, took home a pair of awards at the 72nd annual Golden Globes.

The Amazon Prime deal will only last from 12:01 a.m. Eastern time until 11:59 p.m. Pacific time on Saturday, and will only apply for new customers. But if you've been tempted by the free shipping and Instant Video access in the past, this discounted rate works out to $6 per month, so it's a deal you probably don't want to pass up, especially if you have the Fire TV or TV Stick.

Binge-Watch "Transparent," Too—Prime or No Prime

During that same time period on Saturday, Amazon will also allow anyone to stream their award-winning new show, Transparent, whether you have a Prime subscription or not. You can use either the Instant Video app or this link to binge-watch Transparent all day on the 24th.

Transparent, which stars Jeffrey Tambor (of Arrested Development fame), chronicles the lives of a family whose patriarch has recently come out as a transgender person. Its first season is comprised of 10 episodes, and production of Season 2 is slated to begin this spring.

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Thanks! If it's not too late, Tim can cancel his 30 day trial and I can sign up!!! Thanks for this article!

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