News: Google Earth's $399/Year Pro Features Now Free for Everyone

Google Earth's $399/Year Pro Features Now Free for Everyone

Google Earth has long served as a great tool to explore the furthest regions of our beautiful planet from the comfort of our own homes, but for those with more than just a recreational interest, a bundle of pro features had always cost $399... a year.

Generally intended for professionals in the architectural and science fields, these pro features included an ability to measure buildings, record virtual tours, and grab high-resolution screenshots of Google Earth's satellite imagery.

Starting this weekend, however, all pro features have been made available for free. Unlocking these features is a quick and painless process which I'll outline below.

Step 1: Get a Free Pro Key

To begin, head to the Google Earth Pro signup page here. You'll have to provide a bit of information, including a valid email address, but click the "Sign me up!" button when you're done.

Within seconds, Google will dispatch an email with your username and license key. Copy this information, because you'll have to enter it into the Google Earth software in just a moment.

Step 2: Install Google Earth Pro

Next, head to the Google Earth Pro download page from your PC or Mac, then click "Agree and Download."

After that, launch the installer file and follow the prompts to get Google Earth Pro installed on your system.

Step 3: Enter Your Pro Key

When the setup is complete, you'll immediately be prompted to enter your username and pro key. Copy this information from the email you received earlier, but don't forget to tick the box next to "Enable automatic login" if you'd rather not type this stuff in every time you launch Google Earth Pro.

When you're done with that, every feature that Google Earth Pro offers will now be accessible to you. What is your favorite pro feature? Let us know in the comment section below.

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