News: Google to Spend Billions on Satellites to Provide Internet Access Anywhere on Earth

Google to Spend Billions on Satellites to Provide Internet Access Anywhere on Earth

Just in case you weren't aware, Google has more money than you and I will probably ever see in our lifetime, and now it seems that the search giant will be spending that money sending satellites into space.

Google has devised a new plan to develop high-speed satellite based internet access for underserved areas, which I'm pretty sure is their next step towards world domination.

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Although it is just speculation at this point, this new service could destroy ISPs and monopolize the internet market. The idea of a world-wide World Wide Web is fascinating. More areas will have all of the knowledge the internet has to offer, and if any company were to take over the world, I'm glad it's the one that's single-handedly was responsible for my high school degree.

The projected cost is anywhere from $1-3 billion dollars, but it's not like Google doesn't have the change. However, more internet access means more opportunity for Google to sell their products to currently underserved areas, so it may not be a huge stretch to think that these satellites will pay out for Google just fine.

They are not the only company speculated to make satellite based internet for all. Facebook also has ambitious plans to do the very same thing. Though, I would call any company ambitious if they decided to get in the same game as Google.

As an added note, Google just announced that they will be buying Skybox Imaging for $500 million. SkyBox Imaging is a satellite company that captures video, which seems to be very beneficial for Google Maps. However, this could be the start of something new. Internet for all, perhaps?

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