Leaked: Full List of Microsoft's "12 Days of Deals"

Full List of Microsoft's "12 Days of Deals"

Microsoft has a great holiday-themed sale going on right now, but in an apparent effort to generate daily clicks, they're only revealing two deals at a time. Each day between December 8th and 19th, two new deals trickle out—but Microsoft leaker Windows Valley has come across a full list of all upcoming items and their prices, so now you can plan your shopping spree in advance.

The leaked "12 Days of Deals" list.

Here's the list in text form:

  • 12/8 - Toshiba Tablet Encore Mini WT7 with Free 16GB MicroSD $79
  • 12/9 - Unlocked Blu Win HD $129
  • 12/10 - $50 off Any Xbox One Console + Select Game
  • 12/11 - ASUS T100 10.1" Baytrail $249
  • 12/12 - Jambox Mini (All Colors) $69
  • 12/13 - Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (or Destiny) $29.99
  • 12/14 - Unlocked Lumia 635 $129
  • 12/15 - ASUS Flip 15.6" $399
  • 12/16 - Fitbit Charge (With Yurbuds) $129
  • 12/18 - HP Pavilion x2 10.1" $249
  • 12/19 - 12-Month Xbox Music Subscription $49.90

Now that you know which items will be on sale, are any of Microsoft's deals making your Christmas list this year? Let us know in the comment section below, or drop us a line on our Twitter or Facebook feeds.

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