News: Snapchat Adds a Ton of New Features, Including Chat 2.0, Video Calling, Stickers, & More

Snapchat Adds a Ton of New Features, Including Chat 2.0, Video Calling, Stickers, & More

Snapchat began rolling out a massive update on March 29th, dubbed Chat 2.0, that gives users a plethora of new features, basically transforming Snapchat into an all-purpose messaging app.

New features such as one-tap video chatting, audio-only chatting, and the ability to make calls to your friends at any time are combined into one single, easy-to-use app. If you don't already have it, you can get Snapchat on Android and iOS.

Here's a list of all the new features in Chat 2.0.

  • Snapchat Stories Auto-Advance: Once you're finished watching a Snap from a friend, the next one will play automatically.
  • 200 New Stickers: There are a bunch of new stickers, and some stickers will automatically push toward the top of your list depending on the context of the conversation.
  • Video Notes: You can now send a thumbnail-sized looping "reacting GIF." Your recipient can tap to hear audio as well.
  • Audio Notes: Similar to Video Notes, this allows you to send a short audio clip for a friend to hear who can't look at the screen for some reason.
  • Start Calls Any Time: You can now start a video or audio call regardless of whether you're already chatting with a friend.
  • Send & Mark Multiple Photos: You can now take multiple photos, mark them up, add filters, and draw on them. Once you have 'em Snapchat-ready, you can send them all at once, too.
  • Send Photos While on Calls: When on a call, either audio or video, you can head to your Gallery/Camera Roll to send photos, which will show in a translucent overlay.
  • Quickly Change How to You Chat & Speak: With the Chat 2.0 update, you can easily switch between various communication modes. Go from an audio or video call to a note, then to a text chat. This is great for keeping the conversation going as your circumstances change; start a call on the way to work, and switch to chat as you get to your cubicle!

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