How to Block Annoying Political Comments from Your Facebook and Replace Them with Cute Kittens

Election day is less than two weeks away and the political rhetoric is at an all time high. From the constant political commercials to the endless cable news coverage, it's hard to escape the noise. And nothing is worse than your social media sanctuaries being invaded by some clown's personal political insights.

There is seriously nothing more annoying than me trying to update my status with a picture of a donkey sporting a tuxedo, when I get a string of "Trickle-Down Government" comments from Broman Polankski. It's effing Facebook for goodness sake. Are people going to start Instagramming political quotes...Hudson filter obviously.

Anyways, so if you want to block these political comments from your Facebook and Twitter accounts, then you're in luck. From the makers who brought you, is a Google Chrome extension that permanently removes all political commentary from either your Twitter or Facebook accounts and replaces the comments with pictures of cute kittens.

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If you hate seeing 100 baby pictures every 20 minutes, then make sure to get the extension, too, which will destroy all those pudgy-faced balls of life from your Facebook page.

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Or you could just unfriend them. Dumbass.

I bet everybody unfriends you, Zartan.

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