How To: Browse Reddit at School or Work Without Getting Caught

Browse Reddit at School or Work Without Getting Caught

During class or while at work, it can take an immense amount of self-control to resist navigating over to Reddit. The link-aggregator and meme-warehouse makes it too easy to kill time... most of which you should be spending on various other tasks.

This may not be permissible at your particular place of work as your supervisor or boss periodically strolls by, so start taking necessary precautions to ensure you don't get caught. And yes, it is plainly obvious to your superiors and peers when you quickly minimize or change tabs.

To help in your time-wasting or procrastination, developer Peter Cottle has made it extremely easy to browse Reddit without getting caught. His web application essentially reformats Reddit to give the appearance that you're working in Microsoft Outlook, which is similar to how HardlyWork.In and the now-defunct Excellbook let you use Facebook in an Excel spreadsheet.

All you have to do is go to MSOutlookit and begin the deception. Your "Inbox" is filled with posts disguised as emails from phony senders, and images will not automatically display after clicking on a post. To view an image included in a post, just click on the link.

Unfortunately, you can't sign in or reply to posts anymore, but it is possible to explore other popular subreddits. Just select the "New" option up top, then type in "subreddit subredditname" (without any brackets, quotes, or + sign) into the "To" field and press the "Send" button. For example, to add r/todayilearned, use "subreddit todayilearned" without the quotes.

The layout may be appear mundane, but the benefits of this facade are immeasurable. Take advantage of it, but remember to be responsible and stay productive. Yeah right!

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