How To: Change Reddit's Interface in Chrome for a Better Browsing Experience

Change Reddit's Interface in Chrome for a Better Browsing Experience

Reddit's overall design has stayed relatively unchanged for as long as I can remember. It's easy to use and is as popular as ever, so why mess with a good thing, right? Well, everyone's different, and if you're looking for ways to beef up your Reddit experience, try out the Chrome extension SHINE.

Created by Gusto Creative House, SHINE changes the user interface of Reddit in order to bring even more focus to the content, making it easier to search, browse, and create posts than with the standard UI.

When you visit Reddit for the first time after installing SHINE, user submissions will appear in grid form, organized by popularity, in order from left to right and down, similar to Tumblr.

In each box you'll get a preview of a post's content, as well as a look at the amount of its upvotes and comments. Not only does content look better this way, it's allows for quicker browsing than a list form.

You can access SHINE's menu from the sidebar on the left, where you can easily submit links, go through multiple subreddits, check your account, view your inbox, and manage settings such as default view and layout dimensions. You can also pin certain settings in the sidebar, for easy access.

From the tab at the top, you can change the way submissions are listed (hot, new, rising, controversial, and top), as well as shift between grid and list views.

In list view, Reddit will look more like it usually does, except that when you click on a submission, it will open videos, pictures, and comments on the right side of the same page, instead of opening up a new page.

For now, SHINE for Reddit will be available for free during it's early-access stage, so download it ASAP if you're interested. After improvements, bug fixes, and added features, SHINE will become a paid extension (price TBD).

If you like to browse Reddit when you probably shouldn't be, like at school or work, check out Neil's guide on how to do so on the sly. And if you have any other good Chrome extensions that you use for Reddit, let us know in the comments below!

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