How To: Chrome Extensions Every Twitter User Should Know

Chrome Extensions Every Twitter User Should Know

When it comes to news, updates, and arbitrary nonsense, it's hard to find a better source than Twitter. And for some of us, the best way to consume Twitter is through the web (versus a mobile app). But as much as I prefer the standard browser version, it's easy to make it better, faster, and more convenient using a few Chrome extensions—and here are my favorites.

1. Chromnitweet

Although sending a tweet isn't a time-consuming task, the process becomes faster with Chromnitweet. Without opening Twitter or leaving your current tab, enter "tw" followed by a space in the omnibox (address bar) to begin your tweet.

As you can see in the screenshot above, you're also provided with a convenient wordcount. Just hit Enter when you're done and your tweet will be posted.

2. Omnibox Twitter

Like Chromnitweet, Omnibox Twitter also takes advantage of Chrome's omnibox by granting the ability to quickly navigate to a particular Twitter profile. Once installed, all you need to do is type "@" followed by a space, then the Twitter handle.

3. Share on Twitter

As you surf the web, you might come across a page, image, or quote you want to tweet, and while most sites now include sharing options for Twitter, there's an even quicker way to share. Using Share on Twitter, you can have a tweet option in the contextual menu in the browser.

The Tweet will pop up in a separate window for you to review, edit, and confirm before going live.

4. Notifier for Twitter

If you're looking for an easier way to view Twitter, then try out Notifier for Twitter. Functioning as an in-browser client, just click the extension's icon in Chrome to view your timeline, mentions, and messages from a small drop-down window. Additionally, you can also tweet directly from this window.

5. Open Tweet Filter

For those special films I really want to see, I tend to avoid movie trailers and other potential spoilers. Of course, this is easier said than done as new movies gain traction on the social network. By using the Open Twitter Filter extension, I can filter out tweets with certain keywords or from any profile I choose.

Type in as many terms as you want, but make sure they're separated with a comma. Once the coast is clear, feel free to disable the filter.

6. Twipster

If you're not interested in the suggestions and trending topics on Twitter and would rather just get to your feed in a clean, minimal fashion, then you need Twipster. It essentially revamps the Twitter interface to make tweets a lot more prominent on the page.

Before and after adding Twipster to Chrome.

7. Twitter Follower

For some, Twitter is all about getting as many followers as possible, which can be done by following as many people as you can. To make this process quicker, use Twitter Follower.

With just one click, this extension will follow every user on a given page where the "Follow" option is visible. Alternatively—in case your account has been hacked and you're now following hundreds of people you don't know—you can mass "Unfollow" profiles, too.

More Cool Extensions for Chrome!

Become a pro at using Chrome—not just Twitter—with extensions that make YouTube better, let you customize Facebook, improve your Google+ experience, and make Reddit browsing faster and easier. And let us know which type of Chrome extensions we should cover next below.

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