How To: 12 Browser Add-Ons for Reddit Pros

12 Browser Add-Ons for Reddit Pros

Reddit, the self-proclaimed "front page of the internet," continues to take a big bite of my free time each and every day, as well as millions of its other users'. The clicking and scrolling through page after page never gets old, but you could speed things up with a few browser extensions and double your Reddit knowledge in half the time. Here are my favorite extensions you can try out for the Chrome, Firefox, and Safari web browsers.

Reddit Enhancement Suite (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)

First up is Reddit Enhancement Suite, which is by far the most essential add-on for any seasoned Redditor. This extension adds tons of features to the website, including a never-ending page view that will let you browse page after page without ever having to hit "Next."

You will also be able to view pictures and videos directly in the page view, so you'll no longer need a million tabs open at a time. There is even a way to make your own custom subreddits by collecting some of your favorites in "multireddits" that are displayed on the side of your browser's screen.

Reddit Enhancement Suite, or RES, is available for all three browsers, so be sure to grab a copy below using the correct link.

SHINE for Reddit (Chrome)

Seeing as how Chrome has a huge community of developers building extensions, it's no surprise that it has the largest amount available for tweaking Reddit. And the first one here is SHINE, an extension that adds a grid view to the Reddit front page, giving it a more modern and app-like feel. More info here.

Disposable (Chrome)

If you've ever responded to a risqué AskReddit thread or were worried about someone figuring out your username, then Disposable is the extension for you. In just a few clicks, you can grab a new, randomly generated Reddit account with the ability to abandon it after you're done trolling or what have you. The account is automatically created and logged in once you click the button, so there is no need to sign out of your current session before hand.

Reddit Sauce (Chrome)

For all of us that use Reddit as a source of news, there are multiples of others that are just there for some NSFW content. If you fall into the latter category and are looking for sources, or sauce as the kids say, for those GIFs and videos, then you'll want to check out Reddit Sauce. This extension scans the comment section of NSFW posts and links the source material right next to the title.

Readr for Reddit (Chrome, Firefox)

Subreddits like /r/writingprompts and /r/askscience have some really thorough and thoughtful comments, but trying to go through them with the regular comment view can be difficult at best. With Readr for Reddit, you can isolate one comment at a time and see it in a way that looks like a "Reader mode." To switch to the reader view, click on the "read" link at the top of any comment.

Reddit Comment Collapser (Chrome)

If you don't mind Reddit's regular comment view, but would rather it be easier to follow, install Reddit Comment Collapser. With this extension, different colors will be assigned to each reply thread, making it much easier to follow a single conversation chain.

Reddit Mail Checker (Chrome)

Another extension that's helpful to have is Reddit Mail Checker. After this extension is installed you will be notified with the classic red-orange envelope any time you receive Reddit Mail during your current session.

RedditNotifier (Firefox)

Firefox has an extension that's similar to Reddit Mail Checker, which allows you to check if you have new mail right from your browser's toolbar.

Reddit Mail Checker (Safari)

With Reddit Mail Checker for Safari, a red-orange mail icon will appear on your toolbar whenever you have new message waiting for you on Reddit.

Reddit Search with Google (Firefox)

The Reddit search feature has never been too dependable, which is why Reddit Search (with Google) was developed. Instead of using Reddit's built-in search engine, this extension uses Google's search feature to scan through subreddits for you. All you have to do is install the add-on, then switch the service from the search field.

Reddit Comments (Safari)

After Reddit Comments is activated, you'll know if there's a comment thread available for the website you are currently visiting, which makes it really ease to get Reddit's take on article you're browsing.

Reddit Minimal (Safari)

Some subreddits come with their own unique style sheet, but if you'd rather have a clean, simplistic theme applied to the entire site, you will want to install Reddit Minimal.

Know of any extensions I missed? Let me know which ones you're using in the comments section below. And make sure to follow Gadget Hacks over on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter for more web tips.

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