How To: Get Your Hacked Facebook Account Back.

Get Your Hacked Facebook Account Back.

If your facebook account was hacked by someone and you really want it back this tutorial would help you get it back.

Step 1:

First goto this link.
Click the button "Your account has been Compromised".

Then type in your email address, Login name , Full Name or your specified Phone No.

Then facebook would search for matching users. If you still don't see your account, try entering something else other than the one you entered.

( for example if you entered your phone number and it didn't work try entering your email or Login name.) Most of the time using your email would be the wisest choice.)

And hit Search. :)

Step 2:

Well now the kind of difficult part begins. But I don't think it would be for you.

Now for this step you got to enter your account's password. Well if you knew the password you won't be here anyway, cause you don't know your new password the Hacker's changed, enter your old password. The password that you use, to enter into your account before you got HACKED :<

Step 3:

Then cause you entered an old actually now wrong password this page will come up.
Well no need to be down yet. Just click the reset my password button.

Step 4:

Your primary email would be changed so well of course you don't want to send your reset your password link to the hacker's account so, Click "no longer have access to these?" link.

Step 5:

Well now you almost got your account back.
Now write your new email address that you want to send the change password link as well set as your primary email.

Step 6:

Well now, follow the next steps and you would have your account back in 24 hours. XD


need help lol... my facebook account was hackef. thank cheers

Thank You so much! you are a life saver! just recovered my account! keep up the good work!.. ^^

hi all,

during the 24 hr duration of this process the person who hacked my account notice that i try to restore it and cancel the progress of the account returning can anybody give me advise

hi everybody i want recover my old account plizzz :)

something problem

I've been hacked too. :(

k0i mujhy meri faceb0ok ki id open kr d0o hacke h0o chuki hai k pta nae kea plzzz k0oi help kr0o meri ..

i did it but its asking me this V V and the hacked person told me that its the hacked person's sequirty question :( what should i do?

i followed d same shows a dialogue box sayin"acount temporarily unavailable.regain access by logging in from a web browser

sorry but, pfft-

my friend had to make a new account.

it always shows this after step 4.. PLEASE HELP!

thank you all soooooooooo much,you are very kind

hi I get this message too. did you get help?

i followed those steps, but still cant access my hacked fb accounts, could anyone please help me other options?

my girlfriends account has been hacked by an old boyfriend, firesheep doesnt seem to work anymore, she cant have the password link sent to a different email, she needs the one she logged in with.


please help account has been de active and i forgot my password and email id also .my account was not confirm any email id .what can i do ..please help me out as soon as possible

How Can I Delete My Facebook Accout if Many Of Forgot my EMAIL,YAHOO MAIL,OLD PASSWORD,NEW PASSWORD How Please Help Me

My brothers account was hacked and the hacker changed everything including email, phone number, and security questions, so how do we get around this? We are willing to pay for someone to help us regain control of his Facebook and yes provide proof it's actually him.

My facebook was hacked and a link of me naked was posted asking my family and friends for money for meth. (super awesome) Well... I want to know how to relate the hack to a specific person. I have a phone number, email address, IP address, and cookie, browser used, and cookie.

I have a strong feeling it was my ex girlfriend but how can I use the info I have to link it to her?

This is partially useless, but I know that if you entered at your Facebook ALL REAL INFO and real profile pictures, there is a way to contact Facebook, have a videocall with them, show that is really you (with a identification card from the gouvern or something like this) and they will unset the password and all the recovery info so you can set it again. My friend did this but he doesn't remember how.

But i forget my password facebook and i can't reset my password. :( Can you help me? Please

So i did it my facebook account was back now and im happy

and thnk u for ur feedback :D

I forget my email so please help me.
How to get back my account.

Thank You ..!!

hi I get this message too. did you get help?

thanks my accout log i n

_hi... i tried this method but after 4th step its not showing 5th step instead it tells you cannot access to this... please help me my account been hacked and they changed my recovery mail id and number too..please help me out to get back my account

i just require my password just to delete my account

hey, I believe this is obsolete because I tried to regain my hacked account back and it couldn't find my email address. So I used the email address of the hacker and I tried to follow the steps in this article but seem not to get past step 1. The template for step 2 has been completely changed. If you can do a new article on how to access our hacked account it would be really helpful. Many thanks

it is not asking for a new email id but this is coming! help please

Getting messages that my acct has been hacked. Trying to login and my email address does not exist keeps saying.
Tried the steps you put on to do and nothing.

*please help me and get me out of this problem acctually my fb account was very very highly secured and very safe protected from facebook i have using my id since last 4 years and suddenly it was hacked by someone i don't know who but please get me out of this problem please please...............................and i cannot access my e mail address please help me solve my problem

i think my account was hacked
please mail me your answer on my official g mail account

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