How To: Make Your Facebook News Feed STFU

Make Your Facebook News Feed STFU

Facebook is a black hole. The constant stream of baby photos, #hashtags, BuzzFeed quiz results, and unintelligible status updates is mind-numbing. I know too much about too many people I hardly know.

Posts like this turn my soul into dark matter. Image by Chapstickhero/Reddit

No matter what web browser you use, there is an easy way to revert Facebook back to its glory days and destroy the News Feed forever. And we have Max Freidrich to thank, a German CompSci student who created "Quiet Facebook" after getting fed up with all the crap in his News Feed.

How to Remove the Facebook News Feed (Safari)

In this section, I'll show you step by step how to install Quiest Facebook in your Safari browser. If you're using Chrome or Firefox, skip to that section.

Step 1: Download the CSS

To run the hack, simply download the .zip file from Max's GitHub page for Quiet Facebook. Just click on the Download ZIP button in the right column.

Step 2: Access Safari's Style Sheet

To add the style sheet to Safari, go to Preferences -> Advanced, and under the Style sheet option, select "Other…".

Step 3: Load the "Quiet Facebook" Style Sheet

Now find the "" file you got from GitHub in your Downloads folder and unzip it. Then, open "quiet-facebook.css" in Safari.

Note that your .zip file may be located elsewhere, depending on if you've configured your Safari's download settings.

Step 4: Log in to Facebook, Hear the Wind Between the Leaves

Aside from the annoying ads, Facebook looks quite peaceful now, doesn't it?

If you want to go back to the noisy News Feed for some reason, just go back into your Safari Preferences, locate the style sheet, and disable it.

How to Remove the Facebook News Feed (Chrome/Firefox)

To remove the Feed from Chrome or Firefox, you'll need to download an extension called Stylish and run a version of Max's style sheet.

Step 1: Install the Stylish Add-On/Extension

Stylish is a user styles manager that allows you to install themes and skins for browsers and websites. Grab either the Firefox Add-on or Chrome extension.

In Firefox, click on the Add to Firefox button, then Allow, hit Install Now, and restart your browser.

In Chrome, hit Free then Add. No browser restarting necessary.

Step 2: Install the Style Sheet

Now, head to and download the Quiet Facebook style sheet by hitting the Install with Stylish button. Confirm and there you go—a clean, noise-free Facebook experience in Chrome or Firefox.

Should you ever decide to turn off the Quiet Facebook feature, you can access Stylish from the small S icon in your toolbar, click on the Manage Styles option, and then disable or remove Quiet Facebook.

How to Remove the Facebook News Feed (Chrome Alternative)

An easier method for Chrome requires only one extension called News Feed Eradicator for Facebook by JDev, and it's a good one if you don't want Stylish in your browser.

Image via

Simply add the extension, go to your Chrome's Preferences, and make sure News Feed Eradicator for Facebook is enabled. This extension provides an inspiring quote in lieu of blankness.

Image via

To go back to normal, either un-check the extension or trash it.

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I want this for the facebook Android app. I've been looking everywhere, but there is no way to just disable the newsfeed from the app.

No, I don't want to just uninstall the app, because at times I will still need it. It should be a turn on/off feature.

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