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Forum Thread: Hi.

I recently had a problem with my facebook account i seem to have lost 90% of my friends list this is the second time it has friends list is down to 25 instead of200+also there is no record of me deleting anyone on my activity log. I can't possibly find and send request to everyone on that list can anyone help me retrieve those friends.thank you

Forum Thread: Slow Satellite Internet Service

Since switching from Verizon DSL to Dish Network as my ISP, my browsing/download speeds have decreased dramatically, despite my measured download speeds (via and having increased from 6-7 mb/s to 16-21 mbs (!) since the change. I have made no hardware or software changes here, but web pages now load painfully slowly, images in e-mail messages are delayed, etc. Dish Network responds to my complaints by citing "ping latency" and the distance to the satellite, but my ca...

Forum Thread: Jay-Z's New Music Streaming Service TIDAL Just Launched, but Is It Worth the Price?

Thanks to big-name owners, such as Jay-Z, Kanye West, Daft Punk, Coldplay and Rihanna, the brand new music streaming service TIDAL is making waves across the internet, a joke you'll be sure to read more than once today. Through TIDAL's two tier service—$9.99 for standard definition audio and $19.99 for high definition audio—these artists are looking to take a stand against free music streaming services, which many have claimed don't pay the artists well enough. Most recently, Taylor Swift pul...

Forum Thread: You Can Now Play Your Music on OneDrive via PC, Phone, Xbox, & Web

Microsoft announced this week that you can now upload your digital music collection to OneDrive and play it across multiple devices. While you could always upload music to OneDrive, this is the first time you'll actually be able to play the music. To upload music (only MP3, M4A, or WMA files), you must use OneDrive and place it in your "Music" folder. I tried it out and it's a pretty disorganized mess. You can't upload folders, only individual song files, so your OneDrive Music folder will be...

Forum Thread: I Think Goggle Chrome Is the Best Now

There is always been a comparison after google chrome is out in the market that which of the browsers is the best; though some freaky and nerdy users of Linux based OS will tell us that mozilla is the best or even the text based wget but for common people now chrome is the best, easy to use and remember browser ever developed by any company. The speed too is better than any browser available nowadays, better than the newly developed torch too. What do you think?

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