Forum Thread: How to Track Who Has Been Viewing My Facebook Profile

Need to see who views my profile

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There's no Facebook built-in method; however, you can do a simple hack to find out.
step 1. Google search an image of a woman with a 6 pack

step 2. Visit, paste the link of the image you found and the website will provide you a link to use instead of the original link

step 3. obfuscate the link again using Google shortner (it looks innocent enough right?)

step 4. post the new link on your Facebook profile with a caption that you're sure will get someone to click; like "Is she hot?"

step 5. Wait. You'll get identifying information of the person that clicks on the link and they won't be none the wiser because the image of the girl with a 6 pack is all they will see.

bonus step: instead of a random image, use a website that you have access and can embed a website referrer. As you receive visits using the above method, you'll have the exact profile and identifying information of who visited your website

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