Forum Thread: I Think Goggle Chrome Is the Best Now

There is always been a comparison after google chrome is out in the market that which of the browsers is the best; though some freaky and nerdy users of Linux based OS will tell us that mozilla is the best or even the text based wget but for common people now chrome is the best, easy to use and remember browser ever developed by any company. The speed too is better than any browser available nowadays, better than the newly developed torch too. What do you think?

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I agree, though many people still use and love Firefox (and of course the majority of the world is still, very surprisingly, on Internet Explorer—yikes!), Chrome has been my browser of choice for a good while now.

I use Chrome and Firefox both.

Well, I used to. But, Firefox was just like 'a back-up browser' which I only used if either I couldn't use Chrome, or of it has been uninstalled. I have IE6, which is a hell of a slow browser. Firefox is slow too, and then when I didn't have enough space in my C Drive, then I uninstalled it. I no longer use it now.

No offense.

But well, I think that Firefox also has most of the features which Chrome has...but it's just slower. I recommend it for people who don't want their system to get hanged every few minutes...Chrome does it.

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