How To: Create Google Now Reminders Straight from Google Search on Your Computer

Create Google Now Reminders Straight from Google Search on Your Computer

Google Now is a quick and intuitive way to tailor your device to work for you and, unlike other personal assistants, provide you with up-to-date information based on search habits, emails, and the general all-knowingness of Google.

On my Nexus 7 tablet, I use the Google Now to see traffic updates, ETAs to destinations I recently looked up, game scores, and even updates on my Amazon packages.

To help further enhance Google Now's functionality, Google has made it extremely simple to set your own reminders, timers, and more on Google Now using their search function on any browser. To get started, make sure you already have Google Now on your device and that you're signed in to your Google account on your computer.

How to Set Your Reminders in Google Search

On your web browser, head to In the search bar, type in "remind" and hit your Enter key. You can also type in a full reminder to help auto-fill the information. For example, "Remind me to eat fish when I get home." After searching, the Create reminder card will appear.

Send It to Your Mobile Device with Google Now

Once you input the reminder information, select Remind me on Google Now for it to appear on your mobile device.

Set Reminders from the Address Bar, Too

If you use Chrome, or have Google Search set as your main search engine on a different browser, you'll be able to set these tasks and reminders straight through the address or search bar.

And There's a Built-in Timer if You Need It

Additionally, we discovered that you can set timers with a search for things like "set timer for 40 minutes", although this only works within the search results page rather than creating a timer on your phone or tablet.

Considering how often we use the internet on a daily basis, this is a helpful feature that will ensure that we can set our own reminders as soon as they pop in to our heads. Do you know of any other useful Google cards? Let's hear 'em.

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When i type "remind" into the search bar(both on and in browser bar), it just searches for "remind". It won't give me the reminder options. Strangely enough, I also have this problem using the mobile google now. I use google chrome btw. Any ideas what the problem might be?

I also use Chrome. Try using "Try me".

Nothing different there, it just searches for "try me" :(

lol I meant to write "Remind me". I don't know why I wrote "Try me" haha. "Remind me" works for me

I solved the problem! Both on my phone and in chrome, I needed to change the language to English(US). I had my google now app on US before, but the system language also needs to be US English. For anyone having this problem, try it!

There you go! Thanks for figuring that out.

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