News: Google Has Outed the Location of the Batcave, & You Can Tour It Right Now

Google Has Outed the Location of the Batcave, & You Can Tour It Right Now

Nobody's supposed to know where the Batcave is, but as most everyone thought, Batman's underground lair lied below the estate of his secret identity, Bruce Wayne, in Gotham City.

Turns out we were all wrong.

Google Maps marked the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice by adding an indoor tour of Bruce Wayne's "residence" along with his hidden Batcave, and if this is to be believed, they are not located in Gotham City (or even New York or Chicago).

No, Batman actually resides in... Orion Charter Township, MI, about 40 miles outside of Detroit. Okaaaay.

We start off inside the home of Bruce Wayne, which is surprisingly toned down considering the man is filthy rich. Yeah, it looks nice, but most homes usually have things like kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and the like.

Historically, Bruce Wayne goes through at least some measure of security to make sure that nobody figures out his secret identity. But I guess he just doesn't really give a shit anymore, because the entrance to the Batcave is at the end of the hallway. There isn't even a false wall or a door or anything. SMDH, Bruce.

Complete the arduous task of walking several steps without being distracted, and you've found the tunnel leading to the Batcave. Let's have a look around.

Upon entering the lair, you'll be immediately greeted by the iconic Batmobile.

Head into the room on the right and you'll see a Batsuit (or is it Robin's suit?) that has been defaced by the Joker, which he probably found after waltzing past Batman's laughable security measures.

Take a closer look around, and you'll see that the Batcave is stocked with a lot of guns, despite the fact that Batman is known for not killing his enemies. Then again, Detroit is just right around the corner.

And not just guns. There are crossbows, grenade launchers, and even a pair of goddamn rocket launchers. Curiously, it doesn't look like there's any ammo around, so maybe it's all for show.

Here's a look at Batman's workstation. It's got all the things you'd come to expect of the Batcave, like computers, tools, and random parts scattered about.

Hmm, and a whole bunch of bullets. I guess Batman just leaves his ammo lying around on random shelves.

Up the stairs, you'll find more computers and tools and gizmos, and what looks to be a metallic Batsuit. Fortunately the Joker decided not to tag this one.

That's about all there is to see. Or is it? Take a look around. Maybe you'll find some Easter eggs, like a ball-point banana, or some shark-repellent Bat Spray, or even Sad Ben Affleck.

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