NFL Comes to YouTube: Game Highlights, Analysis, & More

Game Highlights, Analysis, & More

YouTube and the National Football League have announced a partnership that should greatly improve the online experience for gridiron fans. In a posting on their official blog, YouTube outlines a deal that will bring NFL video clips to their immensely popular site while bumping official NFL pages up to the top of relevant Google search results.

As Google owns YouTube, they were able to make a deal that was quite palatable to the NFL. In exchange for the league bringing pro football content like GameDay highlight clips and expert analysis to YouTube, Google has agreed to move official NFL websites to the top of its search results when a relevant query is made. For example, a Google search of "Seahawks" will yield a Knowledge Graph result that includes recent scores and highlight clips, with the first link pointing to the official Seattle Seahawks site.

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Mobile users should be particularly excited about this deal, as it brings NFL videos out of the flash-based stone age that they previously resided in on With YouTube's HTML5-based player and its widely available app, NFL content is now accessible almost anywhere. And if you have a Smart TV, or other streaming devices like the Chromecast, Fire TV, Apple TV, or Roku, you can now watch NFL content on the big screen whenever you want.

The official NFL YouTube Channel is already live, and from the looks of it, we can expect many highlight clips and even NFL Films content. If the channel is blocked in your country, services like UnoTelly and Hola Unblocker can make the videos available on your device.

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