News: Play Pac-Man Around the World in Google Maps

Play Pac-Man Around the World in Google Maps

It's that time of year again. Each spring, Google likes to have a bit of fun with April Fool's Day. Pranks have ranged from a fake email printing service called Gmail Paper to a search engine for smells. It's all fun and games, but this year, they've taken that mantra rather seriously with a Pac-Man game baked right into Google Maps.

To join the fun, just head to Google Maps from any web browser. Find a good spot on the map, then click the "Pac-Man" overlay button near the bottom-left corner. On the older version of maps, this button will be in the sidebar.

Gameplay is simple—just use your keyboard's arrow buttons to navigate around the map and collect dots while avoiding the ghosts. No word yet on how long this mini-game will stay around, though I can't imagine it'll be available very long after April 1st.

We've played through Disneyland, New York City, and even Vatican City. What's the coolest location you've found for playing Pac-Man so far?

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