Holiday Freebie: Michael Bublé's Christmas Deluxe Special Edition Album

Michael Bublé's Christmas Deluxe Special Edition Album

Christmas music makes the holiday season just that much more enjoyable. And the folks over at Google must be feeling the holiday spirt since they are making Michael Bublé's Christmas album free for a limited time. The Grammy Award winning artist debuted his Christmas album in 2011, and it went on to top the Billboard charts and snag a nomination for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album.

Head into the Google Play Store and search for "Michael Bublé"—it'll be much faster than searching for "Christmas"—or head directly to the album through this link.

Once found, click "Free" in order to download it, then hit "Buy"—you'll need a valid credit card for the free "purchase," if you don't already have a Google Play account, and the album will be added to your account and made available via Play Music.

Now you have the perfect music playlist for driving to work or hosting a holiday party. So pour out some eggnog, plug in your phone, and let the Bublé take you on a Grammy-nominated Christmas journey.

You can access the album through your browser or the Google Play Music desktop, Android, or iOS apps.

What's your favorite song on the album? Let us know in the comment section below.

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