How To: Use This Browser Extension to Open All Images on the Current Page in a New Tabbed Window

Use This Browser Extension to Open All Images on the Current Page in a New Tabbed Window

When you're looking at a site with a lot of links to images, it can get really old having to open each one individually. Not to mention loading so many pages can take forever.

A browser extension called img2tab solves this problem by opening all the images on a page in a new window in separate tabs. It's available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, and makes browsing sites like Reddit and Imgur a lot more convenient.

Once it's installed, all you have to do is right-click on the page you want to convert, and img2tab will be added to the menu.

Then, just choose whether you want it to open the actual images that are displayed on the current page, or the ones that are linked to. If the page has a lot of images, it's probably better to open them in a single tab, which displays them like this:

The images will be the same size in the new tab or window, so if they're thumbnails, it will look like the screenshot above if you choose Actual Images, and they'll open up to their full size if you choose Linked Images.

You can also use this to save a whole page full of images at once rather than having to grab each one separately. Overall, it's an easy-to-use extension that can make your browsing simpler.

Know of any other good image viewing applications? Let us know in the comments below.

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