How To: Supercharge Google Drive with These 5 Chrome Extensions

Supercharge Google Drive with These 5 Chrome Extensions

Being an Google fanboy means that I pretty much use anything with the company puts out, so it's no surprise that out of all the cloud services out there, I stick with Google Drive. But, this is way more than just some blind allegiance.

Seeing that Google Drive is integrated so heavily with all the Google Apps, along with some of the most competitive pricing around for those that need more than the free options available, there is little reason not to choose it over similar services. But if you're looking to get even more out of Google Drive, here is a list of my top five Chrome extensions that will improve your Drive experience.

All of these extensions, with the exception of Save to Google Drive, can be launched from your Chrome Apps Drawer, so be sure to look there whenever you need to use them.

#1. Wappwolf Automator for Google Drive

If you use different cloud services because of school or work or whatever, then you should check out Wappwolf Automator. With this extension, you'll be able to auto-share folders from your Google Drive account to other services like Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, and vice versa. There are also conversion tools bundled with the extension which make it easy to convert PDF to eBooks or JPEGs to PNGs.

There are some limitations to what you get for free though, so check out the table below to get a better idea of what comes with each subscription.

#2. HelloFax

Since some companies refuse to get with the times by moving on from their archaic fax machines, HelloFax has made it easy to use Google Drive to send your uploaded files over fax.

To start sending faxes, you'll need to create a HelloFax account. While it would be great if this was a completely free service, the trial of HelloFax only allows you to send 50 pages a month for 6 months. After the free trial is over, you'll need to sign up for one of the HelloFax subscription plans to continue using the service. Or, you can try our tricks to get yourself another free trial.

You can also fill out forms and sign documents after the files are uploaded to HelloFax if you don't have a program to do that on your computer.

#3. Save to Google Drive

Save to Google Drive adds an option with the same name to Chrome's right-click menu.

With it you will be able to select any picture, document, audio file, or even an entire webpage and save it directly to your Google Drive account. To customize options, go into the Extensions section of your Settings menu and select Options under Save to Google Drive.

#4. Pixlr Editor

With Pixlr Editor, you'll no longer need to worry if the computer you're using has a photo editor installed. With the extension in place, you'll be able to open any image you have saved in your Drive and edit it using Photoshop-style tools and brushes.

You do not need a Pixlr account in order to use the editor, but you'll get some free storage through their service if you do.

#5. Spanning Stats

If you've ever wondered what files are taking up all the space in your Drive account, then Spanning Stats is for you. The extension gives you a detailed breakdown of which files are the largest, which ones you use the most, and which have been recently modified.

While these five extensions will give you a good place to start, be sure to drop me a comment below if you have any suggestions that I did not cover!

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